Sunday 6 December 2020

Interesting nuggets from T&T 5e

 It's commonly accepted that 5th edition Tunnels & Trolls is the finest foundation of the game. I say foundation because there isn't a single player who doesn't glom on a bunch of house rules. I wanted to take a look back through the US version of the rules (not the UK Corgi) to pick out some interesting tid bits.

Leprechaun lords are bureaucratic

Something I hadn't picked up on, because me nor my players have been leprechauns, is the rule that despite leprechauns being wizards, the Wizards Guild won't teach them. Why? Because the leprechaun lords won't allow branches of the guild to be build near their land. This has such great flavour to it and tells you a lot about leprechaun society in a short piece of flavour. 

T&T is built for a character stable

My players have only ever run individual PCs in our games but Ken days from the outset that it's preferable to have fewer players but more delvers. It's expected for each player to handle two or three delvers each. I'm going to do this next time.

Wizards can join hands to cast tandem spells

If two wizards are of too low strength to cast a single spell, they may join forces with another to share the load as long as the other wizard knows said spell. 

Magic staves don't have to actually be staves

A magic staff can actually be a ring, a wand or other wooden trinket based on the wizard's preference. Maybe even a little wooden pig. In addition, a deluxe staff is sentient, either a creature bound to the staff of one that IS the staff. Delicious.

Characters can speak pig

T&T deviates from its d6 only system to include a d100 language table. Aside from your usual fantasy languages there are some incredibly imaginative inclusions including porker (pig language), wizard speech, rodent and even pachyderm. Your move, D&D.

 Characters age based on the real world passage of time

Every 73 days in real time, a PC grows a year older. 

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  1. Interesting random comments on a great game. I particularly likednthr bit about 2+ wizards joining to enable otherwise-impossible spellcasting.