Saturday 5 December 2020

Wrapping up a bizarre year

So, 2020 has been... interesting and not just because of the global pandemic causing a paradigm shift in many of our lives. But it's also been an interesting year for my own game design progress, with the first anniversary of the release of Romance of the Perilous Land with Osprey Games this month. Speaking of...

I was brigaded by Varg and his nazis

Early in the year when Romance of the Perilous Land was fresh, ex-Mayhem white supremacist and murderer Varg Vikernes was so upset that there were depictions of BAME people in a game about British folklore that he told his mouth breathing followers to tell me just what they thought of that. Cue many, many tweets calling me a race traitor and telling me to drown myself in a bog. All super mature stuff. Of course, the whole thing backfired because the book started to get more sales in part because Nazis hated it. Hilarious. Osprey were good enough to put out some supportive messaging around it and we all got on with our lives. 

Star Wars got me in the global media

I decided this year to rewatch the Star Wars prequels because there was nothing else to do. After discovering a new found appreciation for the film's I asked Twitter to say a nice thing about them. Again, I was bored. A few days and a viral post later Rian Johnson and a host of celebrities had responded and the tweet was getting written up in places like Rolling Stone. Bizarre.

I worked on Against the Darkmaster

A game I've been really looking forward to release is Against the Darkmaster, a MERP homage that tickles me in the right way. I was lucky enough this year to work with the development team on writing an upcoming adventure, The Silence of Dawnfell. Excited to see it out in the wild.

Going global

Refugio de Ryhope, who published an excellent Spanish edition of English Eerie last year called Cuentos de Animas will be putting out a Spanish Quill in the future. Likewise, German publisher System Matters, who last year did a great German Quill this year put out the German English Eerie. Swapsies!

English Eerie Second Edition

Speaking of, I finally released a second edition of English Eerie. 


I was fortunate enough to be invited to take part in two panels to talk roleplaying games at Albacon this year. That was so much fun and I met some amazing designers.

Getting Merry

As part of the folklore game jam I created Merry Outlaws, a game set after the death of Robin Hood, along with a limited print run.

Seeking Hearts

Just a week ago I put out Heartseeker, a 2 page adventure game in the OSR vein. It's even got a soundtrack.

The Romance Continues

Because I now have the ability to publish official Romance of the Perilous Land supplements, I released the first in the line called Heroic Origins. Watch out soon for a new adventure (or two) and official errata.

Under Wraps

Other than that I've been ticking along this year working on some projects that are yet to be announced because they're for third parties. Both are extremely exciting in different ways - one for a range and publisher I've admired for a long time and another being a dream IP. All will be revealed in time.

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