Monday 3 May 2021

Elves of the Perilous Land

The elves of the Perilous Land are unsurprisingly much more akin to the diminutive creatures found in British folklore than traditional fantasy elves or even those found in Scandinavian mythology. That said, they're not entirely different - they're innately magical and live in forests and meadows, but that's pretty much where the similarities end. 

They stand on average 4ft tall, though female elves tend to be taller with some reaching 5ft. Male elves have a crooked visage, not unlike an old man - long pointed noses, drooping ears and lots of wrinkles. Females are radiant beings, beautiful and graceful - at odds with their male counterparts. Of course some elves present themselves as both, altering their looks daily depending on how they feel. 

Elves are fairly good natured, even hospitable at times. As long as you approach with no ill intentions and perhaps a gift or two elves will welcome strangers. That said, they're incredibly wrathful beings. Those who wrong an elf will find themselves at the mercy of a brutal revenge campaign. People have been known to be dragged from their homes into the forest screaming, only to turn up later with their heart ripped out. Some elves kidnap children, but usually let them go once they think the parents have learned their lesson. "Never cross an elf" is a common expression in the Perilous Land and it would be wise to take heed. 

Most all elves carry bows with stone tipped arrows, also known as elf-shot. Many carry staves crafted from yew or ash (the latter to ward off snakes), carved with fey runes. Despite staying out of the machinations of humans, the Sisters of Le Fay have brokered pacts with some elves who have since turned to darkness, becoming night elves. The leader of the night elves, Nessa, is part of Morgan's inner circle of enchantresses, plotting a campaign against Camelot. 

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