Saturday 15 May 2021

Free Romance of the Perilous Land adventure: The Dread Below


I totally forgot to post when this was released, but Osprey has put up my free quest, The Dread Below, on their site. 

It's a short adventure for first level heroes that should fill around 3 to 4 hours, so a good evening's session. Here's the blurb:

On a dreary October night in the quiet village of Millet, a farmer shivers in fear, staring out into the inky blackness beyond his window pane, eyes searching around desperately. Something has been taking his livestock. It started with chickens. Then it had been the sheep. Within days the young farmhand had vanished without a trace. 

With the villagers suspecting foul magic, the local healer Everdene is facing the hangman's noose. It's up to a group of heroes to find out exactly what's behind these disappearances before it's too late.

Those who joined me for last year's Gen Con sessions will be familiar with the adventure. I've had a lot of fun with several groups over the past year, each approaching the quest in a slightly different way (sometimes with hilarious results). 

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