Saturday 24 July 2021

Hand of glory for Romance of the Perilous Land


The hand of glory is a grotesque but useful magic item, particularly sought after by thieves and scoundrels. The left hand is cut from the body of a hanged murderer, squeezed of all its blood and pickled in a mixture of salt, pepper and nitre for two weeks. A candle is prepared using the fat from the murderer's hand and set within the gory grasp of the disembodied appendage. Lighting the candle upon entering a household acts as a potent sleeping spell, which is the reason a burglar would go to great lengths to get their hands on it. 

Preparing the hand of glory in a fashion that the magic will work requires a tough magic knowledge check at the end of the two weeks of preparation. If you fail by 5 or less the magic is retained but to a lesser potency. Failing by any more and the hand is entirely inert. 

When the candle is lit anyone within 100ft who is currently sleeping will not wake unless physically harmed. With the less potent version the range is reduced to 25ft. 

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