Wednesday 7 July 2021

So many ideas for Romance of the Perilous Land

 I'm percolating, Jerry. I mentioned on Twitter that I had something like 19 releases for RotPL planned over the coming years. It's stupid how much I want to do with this game, so I thought I'd share with you some of what I'm thinking. These are by no means final, but could be released in some form or another:

- Sacred sites: basically the natural sacred places in the world. I'll probably fold this into the Gods of the Perilous Land book.

- City books: probably for the key cities, but it feels like at least Camelot needs something. My next favourite is Ascalon, so I'll probably do something there.

- Faction books: a more in depth look at each faction.

- Book of the Otherworld: I've only really hinted at what's in the Otherworld, but it would be really cool to explore.

- Book of Valour: I want to do a full courtly knight thing. Codes, tournaments, how Knights operate. 

- Book of Beasts: there are SO many more creatures of British folklore to write about, so I'll definitely do that. 

- Campaign book: I don't like the idea of writing a big fat campaign, but I'd like to do a book of 20 short adventures that somewhat tie together. Maybe I'll check out the Prince Valiant campaign book for inspo.

I've got a Google Keep file full of monsters, locations and NPCs. A lot of these get posted here, but I'd imagine most will also make it into a book or two. 

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