Saturday 21 August 2021

Gawain for Romance of the Perilous Land

Sir Gawain is a young and headstrong member of the Round Table. He's fiercely loyal to Arthur and his companions and his passions have been known to run so high to obscure his better judgement. A charming, handsome man, Gawain is known for taking male and female lovers (they say he can talk the feathers off a hen, whatever that means). With his horse Gringolet he rides the Perilous Land on special quests, wielding the enchanted sword Galatine, Excalibur's twin. Merlin himself taught Gawain healing skills, though the knight could never reach the mastership of the old conjurer. 

Sir Gawain 

Class: Knight 

Background: Outrider

Faction: Knights of the Round Table

Level 8

Might 21, Reflex 17, Charisma 20, Mind 15, Constitution 17

HP: 47

AP: 18

Skills: Riding, Perception, Athletics, Survival,  Persuasion, Bluff, Intimidate

Talents: Charming, Jack of all Trades, Master Healer, Shield Expert, Swift Recovery 

Weapon: Galatine (shortsword) d8 (after noon but before dusk becomes a d10 weapon). 

Armour: Plate 12, Tower Shield 6

Art: Alan Lathwell for Romance of the Perilous Land.

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