Friday 27 August 2021

The Dullahan for Romance of the Perilous Land

The Dullahan is a headless rider who carries their grinning head under one arm and a whip crafted from a human spine in another. They are harbingers of death, emerging from the soil to reap the souls of the living and carry them to the underworld. If the Dullahan calls your name, your fate is sealed. 


HP 36

AP 10

Attack: Spine whip (melee) or Call name (ranged, 100ft)

Damage: d10+8 (melee)


- If the Dullahan calls a victim's name, they must make a Mind save or be marked for death. A character marked for death takes double damage from the Dullahan. The Dullahan must be aware of a victim's name to be able to use the call name attack. 

- The Dullahan can move 40ft per turn 

- When the Dullahan reaches 0HP it returns to the ground where it takes 2d6 nights to fully regenerate it's HP. 

- The Dullahan is weak to gold. If struck with a weapon laced with gold, it takes an extra d10 damage. 

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