Sunday 26 March 2023

14 years of Trollish Delver

 It would be remiss of me not to remark on 14 years of this blog's existence. I don't post on here enough anymore, mainly because I'm working on projects, but I'm proud to have kept TD going long enough for it to be a Gen Z teenager. 

A big thanks to all my readers over the years, particularly those who have been there right from the beginning. 


  1. It's been great to join you on this ride! I looked at your first post and I see you got Bruce Campbell to join you, so I could tell it was blessed from the beginning! I'm looking forward to all of your future projects!

  2. Gratz! Try to be patient with li'l TD over the next few years. Teenagers can be a pain.

    1. I've checked through its drawers and I didn't like what I found