Friday 7 April 2023

Scratching the Itch: New RPG Hotness 7/4/23

It's time to delve into a selection of new and popular games to pop up on Itch recently that caught my eye. 

Sworn by Crom & Mitra
by 3vandro

Describing itself as a minimalist randomised setting for the Hyborian world of Conan, Sworn by Crom & Mitra is designed for use with Ironsworn with a bunch of random tables and setting info. 

24XX Dying Sun
by TaTooka

Jason Tocci's 24XX system continues to prove its popularity with a new standalone game focused on emulating the world of Dark Sun in a tiny package. A post-apocalyptic fantasy world awaits players in Dying Sun, which changes up the usual 24XX armour rules in favour of the ability to equip piecemeal armour parts, as well as rules for defiling magic. 

The Lost Treasure of Granny Snake-Eyes
by rootdevil

Fans of short, weird dungeoncrawls might want to check out The Lost Treasure of Granny Snake-Eyes. The titular Granny is up to her eyes in debt, so naturally she needs your help to pilfer her late husband's tome of the riches within. The eight-page adventure crams in some evocative descriptions and memorable NPCs, along with a hat generator for OSR and 5e play. 

The Tombs of Agalosh
by Jamzilla

For an Age and beyond the wizzards of Agalosh have languished in their ancient halls, trapped there by the Gods they dared dethrone! Fearful of phantoms and breathless things, the wizzards fled deeper and deeper into their dungeon-tombs, hoarding in pits their spells and things of gold...

Honestly, the colour and font for this 16-page zine caught my eye. It's an adventure location for the game CYST which I've just discovered. Basically a game where you create a fantasy world and then play in it. 

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