Monday 1 March 2010

Hulking Hornblazer

Hulking Hornblazer
MR 680 (70d6+340)
Spite: 1/1

Special Abilities: Sword of the Void - If a player is hit then they must make a L9SR-LUCK or lose 5 CON permanently.

If players kill a Hulking Hornblazer, they gain 4d6 CON permanently.

Hulking Hornblazers were created 4000 years prior to the Wizard Wars by Khalini the sorceror, who poured all of his lifeforce into their making, so much so that he died. These 20ft tall titans now wander through the etherial plains, occasionally appearing from great portals in Trollworld and destroying cities before dissappearing back into the ether. They have the ability to weave space-time into a deadly Sword of the Void that is able to not only kill a mere mortal, but remove all memories of him from existence. Delvers who come up against a Hulking Hornblazer rarely live to tell the tale. To this day it is said that no mortal has ever slain a Hornblazer and one who does will gain a piece of Khalini's lifeforce.

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