Sunday 19 December 2010

Marvel heroes for Risus

I've already told you how much I like the Risus system. It's simple, versatile and can fit to any genre. With that in mind, I'm thinking of running a Marvel supers game in the new year, so I've written up some characters for my players to choose from. If you have your own you want to put forward then leave me a comment.

Captain America (Bucky)

Description: Hardened soldier with a sense of humour. Bucky tries his best to fill the red boots of his hero Steve Rogers.

Cliches: Cybernetic arm (3), Acrobat (2), Strives to be the best (3), Soldier (5)

Iron Man

Description: Billionaire businessman who always sticks to his guns, even if it gets him into hot water. Also - awesome tech.

Cliches: Super genius (3), Power armour (5), Ladies' man (2), Visionary (3)


Description: Witty web-head who's just an ordinary guy. Y'know, with superpowers.

Cliches: Webslinger (4), Agile (3), Science nerd (4), Never shuts up (2)

Ms Marvel

Description: Carol Danvers was normal until she was exposed to radiation that gave her super sweet Kree powers.

Cliches: Super sweet Kree powers (5), Super spy (3), Compassionate (2), Pilot (3)


Description: Norse god in a surgeon's body. He's blonde, speaks funny and can summon lightning KRAKOOOM!

Cliches: Godly powers (5), Protector of Midgard (3), Mjollnir (3), Donald Blake (2)

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  1. I heartily approve. I've wanted to run a supers game with Risus for a while and I'm eager to hear how your Marvel game turns out. Good luck!