Sunday 12 December 2010

T&T Villian: Kandy Kane

You better watch out, you better not cry, because Kandy Kane will lay the smackdown on your sorry ass. Kane used to be a joyful lass, but that was when she was back in her own world - a dimension inhabited almost exclusively by elves, where Christmas came everyday and everyone was ridiculously happy. However, one day a mage in Trollworld was experimenting with cosmic magic to open a portal that would let him get to the shops down the road in a second, but instead tore a rift in space-time. Kandy Kane was in the wrong place at the wrong time and she fell through the dimensional rift and appeared in Trollworld, right before the rift closed permanently. Then she turned angry. Real angry. The comparatively hellish realm that she had been forced into was too much for her and after a while she snapped and began plotting the world's downfall supervillian style and find a way to get to her old home.

NAME: Kandy Kane
Level 5 Female Elf Warrior
Height: 6'11", Weight: 200 lbs.

ST: 21, INT: 31, LK: 31
CON: 5, DEX: 34, CHR: 40
SPD: 9, WIZ: 10

Adds: 50

Wt. Possible: 2100, Wt. Carried: 959.5
Elven (native language), Common Tongue, Orcish,
Balrog, Avian

Gold: 641 gp

Chill Blade of the Northlands, Dice+Adds: 4+1
ST Req'd: 10, DEX Req'd: 12
Value: 55, Wt: 90.0

Wintertip Bow, Dice+Adds: 3+2
ST Req'd: 5, DEX Req'd: 8
Value: 35, Wt: 50.0
Range: 30 yards

Buckler, Hits Taken: 3
ST Req'd: 1
Value: 10, Wt: 75.0

Breastplate of Winter's Wrath, Hits Taken: 14
St Req'd: 10
Value: 130, Wt: 15


  1. I would've thought 'Christmas elves' would be leprechauns in T&T terms...

  2. @anarchist I was considering that idea, but I like the thought of playing around with the two types of elf - the traditional and the Tolkien. Maybe there's even a Santa in the Christmas dimension - but he's a wizard.