Saturday 11 December 2010

T&T Monster: Sugar Plum Fairy

I suppose it's time for Trollish Delver to get festive, so to kick it off here's a holiday themed monster for your T&T game.

Sugar Plum Fairy

Monster Rating: 34
Combat Dice: 4d6+17
Special Damage: 1/Call Flame
Special Abilities: Hidden in Pastries - Sugar Plum Fairies are undetectable by any form of magic when they are concealed inside a pie. They can even survive being baked! They get an automatic surprise round when coming out of a pastry.
Description: Sugar Plum Fairies are evil little creatures that hide in fruit pies or pastries and lie in wait for a family to tuck into the violent dessert before jumping out and unleashing magic fire on its victims. It has become festive tradition to stab a hot pie a few times with a fork just in case one of these little blighters is hidden inside.


  1. DANKE. Will be used in my next T&T game.

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