Tuesday 19 April 2011

Creatures of the tundra for T&T

Ever since I read H.P Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness I've been in awe of the polar regions and research conducted there. Setting an adventure in these inhospitable snowy regions makes for a hell of a game, as not only do the characters have to contend with the strange creatures that live there, but also strive to stay alive in the freezing cold.

Here I have created a selection of creatures to use in Tunnels and Trolls, but feel free to port them to whatever system you see fit. As you'll see, I'm going for a very Lovecraftian feel, as that is what draws me to this setting.

Shivering Crawler
MR 34 (4d6 + 17)
Special damage: spite 1/1
Attributes: Shuns the light - in the daylight the Shivering Crawler halves its MR (17).

Shivering Crawlers are wretched creatures that have lurked beneath the icy mountains for aeons. They live in large civilisations of hundreds of thousands, building great cyclopean cities out of ice and rock. They have bulbous heads similar to that of a frog and several spindly appendages that serve as arms and legs. Their bodies are jelly-like and capable of a-sexual reproduction.

MR 20 (3d6 + 10)
Special damage: 2/ Snow cloak - the Hoboleth becomes invisible while in the snow. Halve all damage done to it.
Attributes: Many eyes - The Hoboleth is able to see in all directions and therefore cannot be surprised.

Hoboleths are 7ft tall gangly creatures with eyes all about their naked bodies. They inhabit vast mountain ranges, often serving as hunters for Shivering Crawlers. Hoboleths are fairly frail but have the ability to camouflage against a snowy backdrop so they can get the jump on their prey.

MR 160 (17d6 + 80)
Special damage: 3/ Tentacle bash - The Bashannonoth does an extra 2d6 CON damage to every player in sight.
4/ Maddening scream - Every player must take a L4SR on INT or be driven mad for 1d6 rounds. During those rounds they will drop to the floor in a gibbering wreck, unable to attack or defend themselves.
7/ Swallow whole - 1d6 players in melee combat with the Bashannonoth are immediately swallowed whole. They must pass a L7SR on STR or be eaten alive.
Attributes: Fire resistant - Fire magic or physical fire will not harm Bashannonoth.

Bashannonoth roam the wastes devouring whatever they can find. They are often called the Hounds of the Tundra, as their baying resembles that of a dog.


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  2. Hi Scott! I love anything Lovecraftian, so thanks for the post. I have decided to give you the stylish blogger award too.

  3. Thanks! :) Yeah, Lovecraft is fantastic. Do you play Call of Cthulhu?

  4. I have the sourcebooks but I have not played with anyone. I enjoy reading them and use them for ideas for gamebooks.