Thursday, 14 April 2011

Do you run multiple campaigns simultaneously?

Every Thursday me and the boys get together to roll some polyhedrons in our weekly 4e game. This is all well and good - I like the system although it definitely has its drawbacks, but at least one player has been wanting to play some Pathfinder. I'm really up for this, as I'd probably prefer Pathfinder to 4e to be honest, but we have a year and a half invested in the current D&D campaign. I have a dilemma. 

However, every last Thursday of the month we play a new game just to mix things up, so I've been thinking about running a monthly mini Pathfinder campaign. Since the two games are fairly similar it should be easy enough for the players to pick up, but since it's a fantasy game I don't want to be giving them more of the same.

So I ask you, friends. Do you play multiple simultaneous campaigns? Would you play two versions of the same game at the same time? Please let me know.