Sunday 24 April 2011

First look at T&T miniatures

A few days ago the denizens of Trollhalla, the exclusive fan club for Tunnels and Trolls, received an email from Ken St. Andre asking whether a series of T&T miniatures should be put into production. Naturally myself and most others said "Hell yes!", so the Trollgod enlisted mini maker Jason Youngdale to craft up some pewter figures. You can find pictures of the first few Tunnels and Trolls miniatures on Ken's Flickr stream - but be warned because they're unpainted and pretty difficult to make out in their rocky environment.


Edit: It appears I got a bit mixed up here. These miniatures were not made specifically for Tunnels and Trolls but were a sort of 'tester', with the possibility of having some T&T figures made in the future.

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