Thursday 4 August 2011

Feara - The Gamebook

After writing a good chunk of Feara's first chapter I've been thinking how much I want to make it into a gamebook rather than a straightforward novel. This doesn't require that I lose the themes that I want to evoke in the story and it doesn't mean that the main character i.e. the player, should be any less interesting.

Interactive fiction allows for a new way to look at a tale. Integral decisions take precedent over actions and I think this would be an interesting dynamic for Feara. Asryth, the protagonist, shouldn't lose any of her independence and her sense of humour, but having the reader play the part of the author and decide what decisions she should make creates a fresh way to take in a story. In the novel Asryth may head into a cave to hide from the oncoming Blackswords, but in the gamebook she could choose to hide in the forest, confront the Blackswords or go into the cave.

I much prefer this idea. A gamebook can be more than rolling dice and collecting cool things. Sure, I love these types of solo adventure (I myself write them!) but I think the genre should evolve and mature. Perhaps this is what I should do with Feara. Let's wait and see.

Speaking of gamebooks, Lloyd of Gamebooks is currently doing a fantastic in-depth series about how to write your own. I'm definitely pulling some tips from him.

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  1. Hi Scott. Thanks for the plug! I look forward to reading your new gamebook and I'm glad that I'm helping :).