Sunday 28 August 2011

8th edition Tunnels and Trolls announced {T&T}

Ken St. Andre has announced that the 8th Edition of Tunnels and Trolls is in production.

The so-called 'Chaotic 8th Edition' will be published by Fiery Dragon, who also published the 7 and 7.5 editions.

There is no word yet on release date but it's safe to say that fans are eagerly awaiting the newest instalment of the second oldest roleplaying game.

As soon as I have more information, I'll let you know.


  1. From Ken hisself:

    Greetings, Great Ones,

    The latest post on the Trollish Delver may be a little premature. Although I have talked with Jason Kempton at Fiery Dragon about doing an 8th edition, and although most of the rules for such an edition have been written, that does not mean it will happen. Flying Buffalo really doesn't want to see an 8th edition. My idea for an 8th edition may be transmogrified into something else entirely. Don't go jumping the gun, folks, and be making assumptions that have not been verified. I've talked about the 8th edition before, but it hasn't happened yet. And probably won't."

    Khenn Arrth