Wednesday 10 August 2011

What is your favourite RPG race to play? {Characters}

Yesterday I spilled my love for Rat people, but today I want to know what is your favourite race out of any RPG and why. Do you like the typical fantasy races or do you prefer to play something more exotic? If you play sci-fi games do you love being a weird alien or a human?


  1. Halflings. To me, there is nothing more amusing than playing a tiny little man who annoys everyone around him. Perhaps that is why no one will DM for me.


    - Ark

  2. ARG! I can't answer this! It's too open! My favorite D&D Characters happen to be like small minotaurs, cheetah-people, and mephimites. I still am aspiring to figuring out how to run the Caterpiller people from the Sector General universe. I have deer people, I so want to play the new Sylani (Plant people) from Guild Wars 2, and the list goes on and on and on.

    I seriously suffer from Alt-Itis. Really I do!

  3. I used to have an affinity for Gnomish Illusionists and Gnomish Tinkerers, but I've found lately I've been leaning towards humans.

  4. Jaka

    You get a rousing ovation if you can name the game system (not that difficult; it's been through about 5 or 6 editions, I lost track).

  5. Human if everyone else is something else, or an Elf (preferably either Wild or Grey) if the party is primarily Human.

  6. @Bennet Talislanta. Only know because I recently got it. 7 editions I believe.

  7. Human for contrast is everyone else is playing exotics. Elves (and other traditional fantasy races) on occasions. Recently, I have been attracted to human-insect hybrid races as they are just so strange,

  8. @Scott M (rousing ovation)

    Jaka=Half wolf, half panther, All bad.

    What's not to love?

  9. Humans, humans, humans :)
    Except in Glorantha where trolls & ducks are fun too.

  10. I used to prefer elves and dwarves.

    Nowadays, for more "serious/realistic" games, I prefer humans. For more "gamier games," the more off-the-wall and unusual the race, the better.

    LOL, blogger's verification word was: "dookydr." Beware the Dooky Dr.!

  11. Asiatic, oops you mean kin.

    1. Humans
    2. Leprechauns
    3. Orks
    4. Elves
    5. Otgan (my own created "otter-folk," I might've gotten them from Larry Niven's Ringworld.)