Friday, 2 September 2011

25 RPG Twitter accounts you need to follow

Twitter is definitely my social media of choice. Why? Because it's the best way to engage with RPG fans and industry individuals in a meaningful way. That's why I have created this list of RPG players and creators that you really should follow:

@newbiedm  - aside from having a great blog, Newbie DM is very active in the twitterverse, offering insights and tips mostly for D&D players.

@DnDPrincessAria - this woman is obsessed with RPGs. She seems to play them all day every day! Really friendly and very interesting.

@chattydm - How could anyone forget Chatty? One of the kings of the RPG blogosphere, Chatty is certainly made of grade A awesome.

@Trollgodfather - The creator of Tunnels and Trolls. 'Nuff said.

@MonteJCook - Legendary RPG writer. Creator of Ptolus and Arcana Evolved. Nice chap.

@slloyd14 - Lover of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks and RPGs. Author of Lloyd of Gamebooks.

@tw33t_rpg - Runs an excellent twitter-based RPG where players vote for the course of action. Innovative and fun.

@d20Blonde - Incredibly friendly and highly engaging, Lizzy created the hashtag #RPGChat

@saveversusdeath - Fourthcore maestro and fantastic blogger.

@GeekyLyndsay - creator of Dragon Chow Dice Bags and D&D 3.5 lover.

@muskrat_john - John Kovalic, creator of Dork Tower, Munchkin, Apples to Apples and a host of other neat things.

@Barrok - local gent (lives in my city) and avid D&D/ Pathfinder fan.

@mana_junkie - curator of the Mana Junkie Daily ePaper and all round lovely GM.

@ThadeousC - 4Geeks4e podcaster and cool dude.

@destiny_quest - Creator of the Destiny Quest gamebook, one of the most innovative solo RPGs of all time.

@paulbaalham - D&D enthusiast and recent Lair Assault player.

@blindgeekuk - Geeky gamer dad from my neck of the woods - runs Lair Assault.

@symatt - fantastic artist, gamer and tea lover.

@DaddyDM - one of the nicest guys ever. He regularly tweets huge follow friday lists and the odds are you'll be on it.

@geeksdreamgirl - a matchmaker for us geeks and wonderful blogger.

@Trollitc - The Troll in the Corner himself. A bearded god of gaming.

@DaveTheGame - Editor-in-Chief of the almighty Critical-Hits, one of the biggest RPG sites around.

@ChrisSSims - An editor for Critical-Hits who has worked for Wizards of the Coast on various high-profile projects.

@SarahDarkmagic - 4E blogger and recent Ennie award nominee.

@jonathangreen - author of Fighting Fantasy books as well as Black Library series' and Pax Britannia.

Let us know any other Twitterers that deserve our attention in the comments.