Saturday 24 September 2011

Micro-solo 1: The Creeper in the Temple {T&T}

Introducing Trollish Delver's micro solos for Tunnels and Trolls. Once a month, I'll put up a new solitaire adventure on the blog  that is around 10 paragraphs long. The idea is to create a string of adventures that will constitute a solo campaign that you can run through with your own character. All adventures are 5th and 7.x edition friendly, but each will range in difficulty. All you have to do is roll up a new character, or use the pre-made one below and get playing.

Level 1 Human Warrior
Height: 5'1", Weight: 160 lbs.
ST:    11,   IQ:     8,   LK:    10
CON:   11,   DEX:   18,   CHR:    8
SPD:   12,   WIZ:   15
Adds: 6
Total Armour: 6
Wt. Possible: 1100
Languages: Common Tongue 
Gold: 50 gp
Sax, Dice+Adds: 2+5

Buckler, Hits Taken: 3

The Creeper in the Temple

The Creeper in the Temple is designed for a single 1st level character. You have been travelling for a few days seeking adventure and fortune. You arrive in the city of Yabberesh after a long trek across the Starlip Plains. Your adventure has finally begun...


You arrive at the gates of Yabberesh and see fairies and leprechauns wandering in and out. If you are either
of these kindred, you get in free. If not, pay 1 silver piece towards the maintenance of the city.
Once you enter you can go to the Wishing Well Pub (go to 4) or the temple of Sinders (go to 9).


You carefully open the cupboard. Inside you find a bound and gagged fairy who's struggling to speak.
You remove her from her bonds and she thanks you. "The Antodile took my money and threw me in here.
Here, take this anti-poison salve. It will help if you haven't already killed the thing."
You can either go back to the t-junction (go to 6) or leave up the stairs into the temple (go to 5).


You agree to help Laddy in exchange for a price. He offers you 100gp to kill the creature.
You may try to haggle and make a L1-SR on CHA. If you succeed, he offers 150gp. You then venture
into the temple and down the trap door. Go to 6.


The Wishing Well Pub is bustling with activity. Leprechauns and fairies dance to music played
by a bard with a lute and a lovely fairy serving lady is flying around with trays of wine.
You can either play a game with the patrons (go to 7) or go to the temple of Sinders (go to 9).


You leave up the stairs and return to the temple where Laddy is waiting. If you killed the
creature then he gives you your reward. If not then he grumbles and tells you to get back down
there (go to 6). If you haven't been to the tavern, go to 4. If you have then you leave
the city and take 50AP.


After descending down a flight of stone stairs, you arrive at a t-junction. To the left you can
smell the sweet aroma of wine and to the right you can hear a muffled sound. Turn left? (go to 8) or turn right?
(go to 10).


You sit with a group of leprechauns who are playing cards and ask if you can join them.
They say they're playing 5-card Spit, which is a game well-known in these parts. If you would like
to play, bet an amount, roll 1d6 and consult the table below:

1- lose triple the amount bet
2- lose double the amount bet
3- Lose the amount bet
4- win back the amount bet
5- win double the amount bet
6- win triple the amount bet

Once you're finished, you can leave and go to the temple of Sinders (go to 9) or if you have already been
there, you can leave the city and gain 50AP.


You enter a small room full of prayer books. In the corner is a large cupboard where a muffled
voice can be heard. Do you open the cupboard? (go to 2) go back to the t-junction and turn right (go to 10)
or go back to the temple (go to 5).


You enter a small temple dedicated to the fairy goddess, Sinders. Fairies sit on tiny benches praying
to the large fairy statue on the north wall. A fairy priest welcomes you and introduces himself
as Laddy. He wonders if you might be able to help him with something. Last night, just as he was locking the
temple door, he heard a thud coming from within. He went back in and saw a hideous creaturer run across
the room and dive down the trap door into the basement. It had the head of an ant and the body of
a bipedal crocodile. If you want to help go to 3. If not, you can go to the tavern (go to 4). If you
have already been to the Wishing Well Pub you can leave the city and gain 20AP.


You enter a large wine cellar. The walls are lined with racks of wine and there are open caskets
of the stuff on the ground. There is also a sack of money on the ground near the wine rack. Suddenly,
a creature pops up from behind the barrels, the same one that was described by Laddy, with an
ant's head and a crocodile's body, except bipedal. It creeps towards you, hissing. The Antodile has
MR30 and every comabat round you must make a L1SR on LUCK or take 1 poison damage unless you have an
anti-poison salve. If you kill it you find 100gp in the sack and a bottle of vintage wine worth 90gp. You can either leave to
the temple (go to 5) or return to the t-junction and go left (go to 8).


  1. Oh, now this is just supercool. I know what I'm doing for fun this weekend! Thanks for posting this. Can't wait to play through it.

  2. Nice! Now my Dwarf Rogue Hitius can now afford something better than a dirty loin-cloth and helmet.

  3. That was a very cool mini-solo. Well done!

  4. @atroll thanks :) that means a lot coming from you!

  5. Catchy, but to make a narrative adventure in the long run it boils down to a serial solo. Still you're onto something. Solo in increments... BRILLIANT!

  6. I played it, with D&D 1st Edition.
    Here the massacre: