Tuesday 6 September 2011

The Kalessian Deadland {Steal this Setting}

This used to be a vibrant and beautiful place, home to thousands of elves and humans who lived in peace in a lush land. Not any more.

Kalessia lies in ruin. The forests are charred black and the plains are naught but dried grass and dust. The elders of the surrounding lands have come to call this place the Deadland, for nothing grows here. However, that does not mean it is entirely devoid of life, or what passes for it in this wasteland.

After the cataclysm, when a psychotic elven wizard got his hands on an archaic and powerful spell book and summoned a great black fire on the land, few things survived. Some of the people who happened to be in some kind of shelter, down a mine or in a tunnel somewhere were not burnt up like the rest of the population, but were mutated into the hulking Dreadmasks, so named because of their terrifying new visage.

MR 40
Special Damage: 1/3
Ability: Dread Visage - Anyone who looks at a Dreadmask must make a L2SR on INT or run 10 feet away instead of attacking.

The black fire may have brought destruction, but it also created a new source of magic: Fyrestone. Kalessia is the only place in the know world where this material exists and it fetches a hefty price on the market. The reason it is so sought after is due to its properties of Kremm resistance. Just holding a piece of Fyrestone will make the user resistant to magic equal to twice her current WIZ.

What used to be great mines beneath the mountains of Kalessia are now home to strange and alien beings who hunt wayward travellers and occasionally  Dreadmasks. These creatures are the Kyuss, leather-skinned lizard-like people with four legs and two arms.

Kyuss Warrior
MR 60
Special Attack: 1/1
Ability: Pack Mentality - If three or more Kyuss Warriors are attacking +2d6 to their HPT.

The Kalessian Deadland is also prone to spontaneous geological combustion. Due to the instability of the land caused by the black fire, there is a 1 in 6 chance that the ground will ignite in a 8 metre radius under the delvers, both overland and under it. This explosion causes 1d6 damage unless a L3SR on DEX is made.

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