Sunday 4 November 2012

Are Kickstarter game projects being delivered on time?

There's no doubt that Kickstarter has opened up a portal for everyone and their mothers to get a project off the ground without investment from companies. There are so many awesome things out there to fund that it's common for people to throw money at projects left, right and centre. Roleplaying gamers are probably some of the most generous funders when it comes to Kickstarter, but how many projects have actually shipped on time?

Tenkar's Tavern has done a great job of collecting this information together in a colour-coded post detailing projects that have shipped, those that have shipped late and those that are way overdue. From looking at the post, it's apparent that very few projects ship on time, which can often be inevitable, but there is an uncomfortable number that are in the red - far overdue.

Some publishers are still doing a good job of keeping their backers updated but others haven't updated for over a month, which is insane. That wouldn't happen if a company was funding these projects, so it shouldn't happen when they are being crowdfunded. In fact, it's more important from a PR perspective and could easily effect a publisher's future projects getting funded.

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