Thursday 1 November 2012

Tin Man Games takes on new '80s based gamebook series'

There seems to be no stopping the new poster child for digital gamebooks, Tin Man Games. Not being content with having Fighting Fantasy and Judge Dredd licenses they have announced that they have secured the rights to an 80s gamebook series with 'a bit of a cult following'.

Not only that, but they are on the cusp of signing a contract for a single gamebook that has recently been a 'smash hit'. Very intriguing - let the speculation commence.

There are two gamebook series that really stand out: Lone Wolf and Way of the Tiger. Lone Wolf has recently seen a re-print so that's a likely probability, but it would also be great to see Way of the Tiger as a series of digital apps as well. Other than that, it's possible that Fabled Lands could be on the cards, although there has been a Fabled Lands app released for iOS, so it's unclear as to whether they could gain the rights.

As for the 'single gamebook', my money is on Destiny Quest. It already plays like a videogame so it would be perfect for the digital treatment.

At the beginning of the year, I interviewed Tin Man Games honcho Neil Rennison and in that interview he remarked that 2012 would see a rise in digital gamebooks and boy was he right! Not since the 80s has there been such a boom in the gamebook world, with projects springing up seemingly every month.

The developer has landed some big franchises, including Judge Dredd while pushing out some of their best work to date including Infinite Universe. Not only that, the developer has taken on Fighting Fantasy and has enjoyed rave reviews of Blood of the Zombies.

Tin Man Games will be releasing their next Fighting Fantasy book, House of Hell and the sequel to An Assassin in Orlandes before Christmas.

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