Sunday 27 October 2013

Daredevil to end with issue #36 (boo, hiss)

Dammit all, Marvel. Daredevil artist Chris Samnee took to Twitter to a) post his awesome cover for #36 and b) to deliver the news that Marvel plans to end the current run on Daredevil with that issue. Now, to be fair, they are going to be relaunching the Man Without Fear with a brand new #1 and Mark Waid's sensational run has had a good innings, but it's always sad to see a good book come to a close.

The 2011 series of Daredevil was an instant critical success, netting multiple Eisner awards and really being part of the revitalisation of second-tier characters through Marvel's strategy of putting top creative teams on these books. Waid and Paolo Rivera were the first team to take the helm before Samnee came on as an artist further down the line.

In fact, without their work on Daredevil I doubt we would have Hawkeye, a tertiary character brought to critical acclaim by Matt Fraction and David Aja, so this has been an incredibly important book for Marvel.

There's no word on whether the current creative team will continue with the new series or whether they will make way for someone new, but let's hope that whatever happens Daredevil continues to be one of the best books on the shelf.

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