Wednesday 9 October 2013

The Forgotten Spell Gamebook Hits Mobiles

Tin Man Games, well known for their Gamebook Adventures digital gamebooks and licensed apps based on Fighting Fantasy and Judge Dredd are aiming for a slightly younger market with the release of The Forgotten Spell . The first title in the Spellcaster Trilogy is released as an interactive book app today on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Android today!

The writer, Louisa Dent Pearce, said: “The Spellcaster Gamebooks are for younger readers, age 8-12 years. It’s great for kids who love fantasy and those who don’t usually like reading.”
The Forgotten Spell takes the young reader into the strange and dangerous world of the fey, a vast population of faerie creatures that inhabit a realm just out of reach of mortals. Readers must decide their fate as they journey through the decaying city of Suidemor on a quest to find the Forgotten Spell, a powerful enchantment cast over the King of the Elder Fey. They must be prepared to test their courage, strength and wit against the myriad of evil foe that await them by casting spells, solving puzzles, collecting valuables, and choosing where to go.

Tin Man Games has used its critically acclaimed gamebook engine, which transforms smartphones and tablets into interactive reading experiences. There is animated page-turning, dynamic choice links, achievements and an automated inventory for objects. Plus, the reader can use bookmarks to save their progress through the story. The app makes good use of the latest smartphone and tablet hardware, using the increased screen space of tablets to read horizontally or vertically.
The digital book has been beautifully illustrated by celebrated illustrator, Tony Hough, known for his work on Fighting Fantasy and Warhammer. Neil Rennison, creative director of Tin Man Games said, “We’ve always been a massive fan of Tony and it’s a privilege to finally work with him. His unique style is perfect to visually bring Louisa’s world to life.”

Louisa continued: “The adaptation of the Spellcaster Gamebooks into a Tin Man Games app is an exciting development in the creation of the series. Playing the app is quite a different experience to reading the print version, as Tin Man has included a beautifully designed interface and music soundtrack that really adds to the experience of exploring Suidemor.”

The Forgotten Spell  is now available to download from the iOS App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. It costs $3.99/£2.49/ 3,59 €.

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