Tuesday 27 May 2014

5e 'Basic D&D' will be a free download, Player's Handbook not needed to play

It seems as if WotC are going in a completely different direction with the new edition, with Mike Mearls announcing that all the rules required to play will be free to download.

You read that right. Mearls has compared Basic D&D with the Rules Cyclopedia, giving players rules for creating characters from levels 1-20. The barrier for entry has officially been set as low as it can be and there are bloggers who are predicting that this could be a game changer.

It's certainly interesting. We already know that Tyranny of Dragons will be a standalone book with all the rules you need to play and it now seems that what once were the core rulebooks are optional additions to the game. You could play with just the Basic game, the Starter Set, Tyranny of Dragons or with all three rulebooks.

The big question on many people's lips now is whether the license will be OGL or something more stringent and will this recent news have an effect on it.

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