Monday 26 May 2014

Plague of the Dread Acolyte is out now, kicking off Mask of Destiny season one

Trollish Delver Games is pleased to announce the launch of Mask of Destiny season one, an episodic series of adventures for Tunnels & Trolls beginning with Plague of the Dread Acolyte.

Mask of Destiny is a new campaign for T&T that will be released in episodic format, with three adventures per season. Adventures are designed to be played in one sitting and can be played as a series or integrated into your home campaigns.

Plague of the Dread Acolyte sees the players enter a living nightmare as an idyllic village is torn apart by a plague, turning its inhabitants into vampiric creatures. The adventure introduces players to the campaign world and kicks off an epic tale of an ancient evil returning to the world.

Adventures in the Mask of Destiny campaign use a minimalist design, allowing GMs to run games that won't railroad players, inspired by Robert J. Schwalb's article Climbing the Wall of Text - let's design an RPG adventure and Jonathan Jacobs.

Plague of the Dread Acolyte is currently on sale at DriveThruRPG.

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