Saturday 24 May 2014

Could the new D&D edition be the most exciting yet?

I know in my last post I wailed on the covers for being a little too bombastic, but certain news drip-fed from WoTC this week has me pretty excited for the final product.

The big news, well for me anyway, is that the DMG will contain sidebars in order to customise your play style, matching previous editions. There was a lot of talk earlier in the year that the design team had pretty much dumped their initial idea of making a one-size-fits-all edition, especially from what we were seeing in the later playtest packets and what was coming out of Mike Mearls' column. But this news seems to point to the team following through with this admittedly gargantuan task and, well, I'm excited.

As Tenkar points out, having every edition under one roof means that potentially all those OSR adventures out there can easily be ported to D&D. Plus, it could mean that the D&D back catalogue can be run with the new edition, which is a savvy strategy for WoTC.

Sidebars weren't the only interesting development this week. There was some tooing-and-froing about whether the new Starter Box would include character creation and it didn't seem like we were getting a straight answer. Finally it came out that around 15% of the Player's Handbook would be available for free as a downloadable PDF, which contained character generation rules. This is great news and a real sign that WotC has matured since 4e.

Lastly, we have the announcement of the D&D Adventurer's League. This looks like some sweet-ass organised play right here. Basically, you have three ways to play: Epic (influential story arcs, likely con-lead), Encounters (same as 4e), and Expeditions (ongoing campaign).

So that's quite the news haul this week, and to be honest it's getting me really giddy for the new edition. Like, really. Could this be the best version of D&D yet?

Image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.

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