Wednesday 23 July 2014

Marvel is letting you access 15000 comics for 99c, here's what you should be reading

To co-incide with the opening on San Diego Comic Con, Marvel is giving you a week to pay 99 cents to access 15,000 comics. That's a hell of a lot to read in a week - so where do you start? Well, I'm here to make it a little easier for newbies to dive in and start enjoying Marvel's back catalogue.

Invincible Iron Man Volume 5 (Matt Fraction)

Iron Man has come up tops in the movie-verse, with Iron Man 3 borrowing more than a few cues from this epic run by scribe Matt Fraction. This is Iron Man at its finest - we see Stark being completely debilitated and try to build himself back up, quite literally, while a slew of enemies attempt to take him out. Oh, and Pepper Potts is seriously bad-ass.

Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (Frank Miller)

When Miller came on to Daredevil, he redefined the character for a new generation. The Man Without Fear is a harrowing yet inspirational tale of a young Matt Murdock coming to terms with his powers and becoming the hero we love today. This is Daredevil at its finest.

Captain America Volume 5 (Ed Brubaker)

If you've seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you will know that the movie kicks ass. The makers borrowed a lot from Brubakers seminal run on Cap, giving the book a gritty espionage tone that really works. The Winter Soldier is introduced in this storyline as well as the famous death of Captain America. If you like the movies, you'll love this.

Hawkeye Volume 1 (Matt Fraction)

Ever wonder what Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye does in his downtime? Well look no further than Fraction's incredible Hawkeye. Critics agree that is one of the best books Marvel has put out in years. It has the feel of an indie comic, with gut splitting humour and fantastic low-key stories of inept mobsters and Lucky the pizza dog. Read, read, read!

Captain Marvel Volume 1 (Kelly-Sue DeConnick)

There's a reason why people the world over are identifying themselves as the Carole Corps. DeConnick has made an already amazing hero, Miss Marvel, even better with this tale of powerlessness, hope and friendship. You can't do much better than this - it's just incredible.

Wolverine Volume 1 (1982) (Chris Claremont)

Frank Miller takes helm of the art on this Chris Claremont-fronted classic. This is Wolverine essentially as a samurai, as he travels Japan in a bid to win his love's hand in marriage and take down a sinister crime boss. It's part operatic drama, part ninja movie - all awesome!

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