Monday 11 August 2014

Halberd Fantasy race: Sira Dwarf

Lately I've been working on the new edition of Halberd Fantasy Roleplaying, drafting out what I want from the new rules, taking the feedback from the current edition. Something I want to add is some variety to character races aside from specialisms. One of the great things about the current set-up is that you can pretty much make an race on the fly because you're bolting on specialisms. However, I also want races to be even more defined in the future edition.

So I wanted to show you a bit of a draft of the kind of rules I want a race to have. This is by no means the finished product (hence, draft) but it's what I'm thinking at the moment.

The Sira Dwarves are the youngest race of Dwarves, born from the great fires of The Great Sunder where they forged a civilisation from black volcanic rock. Their hair is flame orange, with flickering hot beards and coal black eyes. The Sira military is one of the most formidable in all of Tequendria; Sira warriors are the most fierce and well-trained around. It is said that the sight of the flaming Sira battalions has sent enemy forces reeling in fear.

The Sira speak Dwarvish, Human and Sigil - an ancient tongue used only by creatures born of flame. They have a tough and headstrong personality, never backing down from a fight, especially if they are defending friends and family. The Sira are worshippers of Ragnor, God of Dwarves, though one corrupt sect has wandered down the path of darkness, becoming acolytes of Kronar: God of the Void.

The Sira prefer to use axes, slings and shortswords in battle and wear jet black armour with red plumes. They are keen musicians and renowned for their piping ability - an instrument that they use in the field of battle.

Sira Dwarves are likely to be Godswords, Warriors or Sorcerers.

Racial Specialisms: Hardy (Action), Heavy Two-Handed Weapon Proficiency (Action)

Racial Abilities:
Poison Immunity - A Sira Dwarf is immune to all poisons.
Kindling - Sira Dwarves have the ability to spark a fire with only the rubbing of their fingers.
Servant of Flame - Sira Dwarves take half damage from fire.

Racial Starting Equipment: Book of Ragnor, Flame Pendant.

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