Monday 15 September 2014

Halberd Fantasy Roleplaying: Dragon Rat

Image: Rat Dragon by deviantetienne
Some said that the union of dragon and vermin was impossible, but they soon changed their tone when a great furry winged beast descended on their village and torched their homes. Dragon Rats are a rare breed of creature, with the head and fur of a rat and the wings and propensity to set things on fire of a dragon. They generally don't speak any language, so don't even try to have a chat with one. In fact, it's best to stay away altogether, in all honestly.

Dragon Rats tend to live in dank sewer systems - it's even said that there's one living below Highbridge right now! Barman Boris calls it Martha, but he's foolish and disliked for many reasons.
So how dangerous is our friend, the Dragon Rat? Well, take the biological winged flamethrower that is a dragon and mix it with the disease-infested, cunning rat then you're no in for the best Saturday evening, are you?

Dragon Rat
Action: d10
Wits: d8
Ego: d6
Hits: 30
Armour: 2 (Hide)
Weapons: Fire breath +3, Bite* +2
Specialisms: Aerobatics +2 (Action)

Flight - Dragon Rats can fly up to 50ft in the air.
Disease* - Dragon Rats carry disease. If an enemy is bitten they must make a medium (4) attribute roll on Wits to squeeze out the venom. If they fail, they take an extra 2 Hits, which cannot be reduced by armour.
Magic Weakness - if the Dragon Rat takes damage from a magical source, ignore armour.

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