Tuesday 16 September 2014

USR Galaxy: Marauders

As if the clashing of vast intergalactic empires wasn't concerning enough for citizens of the New Earth Empire, anyone who ventures out into space needs to be wary of Marauders. These galactic bandits often wait in trade lanes to ambush merchant ships, often holding them to ransom until the merchant jettisons their cargo.

Marauder activity is highest around the Emerald Quadrant of the Delta System and merchants and civilians using those lanes make sure that their ships are specced out with weapons lest they be attacked.

The most prolific Marauder is Mara Jet, who pilots a Mosquito class ship with a crew of around six. She has taken part in some of the most infamous raids in Marauder history, including boarding a N.E.E frigate carrying $100,000,000 and hijacking it. Unfortunately for her, the frigate was destroyed and she narrowly escaped in a life pod.

The life of the Marauder is a nomadic one and rarely do they settle on a particular planet. Some choose the backwater planet Arenam as their home for a while, but staying in one place runs the risk of being caught by the police.

Action: d8
Wits: d6
Ego: d8
Hits: 8
Armour: 1
Weapons: +1 laser pistol
Specialisms: Piloting +1 (Action), Intimidation +1 (Ego)

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