Sunday 14 September 2014

Ships in USR Galaxy

A large part of USR Galaxy will be buying your own ship and modifying it to your heart's content. After all, you won't get very far without your own starship and crew. Generally, the players will come together to purchase their own starship, although there's no reason why each can't have their own (although, as you can imagine, they're pretty expensive). From single-crew Mantis fighters to hulking Scorpion destroyers, USR Galaxy will allow players to navigate space in style.

Ship design is still in its infancy right now, but this is what we have in USR Galaxy Alpha at the moment.

Crew: The maximum number of crew members on the ship
Shields: A protective energy field around the ship. These are worn down before the hull takes any damage. Certain weapons can get through the shield.
Hull: This is essentially the 'Hits' of a ship. Once it reaches zero then kaboom!
Firepower: Just like with a character, a ship has its own attributes with ratings between d6 and d10. Firepower represents how much damage a ship can deal.
Speed: Another attribute between d6 and d10, Speed represents how agile and quick the ship is. Generally the smaller the ship, the quicker it is.
Weapon Slots: Depending on the type of ship there will be a number of weapon slots. Smaller Wasp fighters will have a single weapon slot while Scorpions might have up to 4. Some weapons can take up multiple slots depending on how powerful they are. Generally a light weapon (+1) is one slot, medium (+2) is two slots and heavy (+3) is three slots.
Utility Slots: A ship can have a number of useful utilities that gives the ship an edge. For example, it may have video communication installed, or a hyperdrive, medic's quarters, or a tractor beam. Utilities act as Specialisms do in characters, with bonuses depending on how good the utility is.
Cargo Bay: This attribute shows how much cargo the ship can hold.

Example: Mantis Class Starship

Crew: 1
Shields: 5
Hull: 10
Firepower: d6
Speed: d10
Weapon Slots (2): Stinger beam x 2 (+1)
Utility Slots (1): Enhanced Engine +1 (Speed)
Cargo Bay: 1

What the Mantis lacks in firepower it makes up for in pure agility. These ships get in and out quickly, delivering Stinger shots before zipping out of range of the enemy. Mantis pilots often upgrade the Enhanced Engine to make it even faster, capable of outrunning even the fastest alien craft.

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