Monday 2 May 2016

Horse personality generator


More often than not, PCs get a bunch of generic horses, ride out and inevitably leave them outside of a dungeon to get eaten by wandering trolls. My gaming group has lost a tonne of horses because, well, they're pretty expendable. But what if the horses became characters in their own right? Maybe the PCs would be more inclined to treasure them forever, or until the characters are super hungry.

So I give you the Horse Personality Generator. Roll 1d10 to get your horse name and 1d6 to get its personality. Simple.

Horse Name

1. Smoke
2. Thundermane
3. Gabriel
4. Master Wensleydale
5. Petunia
6. Li'l Sebastian 
7. Lady Darkwater
8. Horace
9. Lighthoof
10. Midnight Star

Horse Personality

1. Noble Steed - This horse is like the Samurai of horses. If you fall off, it will try its best to help you, or at least warn the rest of your party that you're hurt. This horse is a leader and others look up to it. It's selfless and brave and the first into the action. It will also protect its rider from harm where possible.

2. Mad as a Brush - Not quite psychotic, but super unpredictable. It has that look in its eyes that it doesn't know what the hell its doing most of the time. Sometimes it will charge a group of ogres (even when its rider tries to stop it) and sometimes it will hop into a trained dance routine at the sight of a wyvern. When you get into an encounter while this horse is with you, roll 1d3. 1) The horse obeys your command, 2) The horse charges into the fray, no matter what the danger, 3) The horse throws up and runs off at full speed.

3. The Psycho - This horse has seen things. Terrible things. It's probably been in a war or two and witnessed its brethren get massacred. Every day this horse is with you, roll 1d3. 1) The horse is triggered at the sight of blood today. If it sees or smells blood it will buck any rider off its back and go into a galloping frenzy, potentially stomping on the prone rider. 2) The horse just freezes and refuses to move. 3) The horse is fine - for now.

4. Scaredy Cat - This horse shivers constantly and is easily spooked. If it is present during an encounter there is a 20% chance it will bolt away at full speed.

5. No Man's Steed - This horse is as independent as a horse can get. It will only let a rider mount it 20% of the time, otherwise it will just buck them off. A rider may only try to mount this horse once per day. At night, there is a 10% chance the horse will leave if it's not properly secured (it will chew through rope pretty easily). 

6. The Racer - This was originally bred to be a racing horse, so it's super fast. This horse travels at 1.5x the speed of a regular horse.

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