Wednesday 4 May 2016

Why we're excited about Rifts for Savage Worlds

Clearly Rifts and Savage Worlds are meant to be because right now it's sitting pretty at over $221,000, obliterating its $8000 goal.

There's a good reason why people want to throw their cash at Rifts for Savage Worlds - it looks so damned cool.

For those not familiar with Rifts, the game first came out in the 90s by Palladium Games. It was totally unique -  a big fat gonzo universe where genres collided in an insane and beautiful way. It was a game where a magic-user could come face to face with a cyborg trooper and where hi-tech samurai could exist in the same place as dragons.

The idea of Rifts is that each continent of Earth has been warped by rifts in space-time caused by ley lines. Alien beings and supernatural evils make their way into a post-apocalyptic Earth, shaping countries into what are essentially self-contained genres of their own. England has become a medieval realm complete with a New Camelot. North America is split into magical Coalition States, full of psychics, mages and military types. China is overrun by demons and Japan has samurai battling Oni demons.

It's bloody insane.

However, one of the problems the game suffered from was its imbalance with certain weapons doing a crazy amount of damage, and the system can be a bit complex. This may be one of the reasons why a Savage Worlds version is in high demand. Savage Worlds is noted for its simple, elegant system that should make Rifts much more accessible and more balanced to play.

The Kickstarter is gathering money for three main books - the Tomorrow's Legion Player's Guide, Game Master's Handbook and Savage Foes of North America. There's also an adventure called The Garnet Town Gambit available on release.

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