Wednesday 25 May 2016

Nazi Captain America is a sucky stunt that won't last

No doubt you'll have seen the mainstream media fall right into the hands of Marvel's PR machine and editor Tom Brevoort after it was revealed that Steve Rogers has been a member of Hydra for the past 75 years.

The latest gimmick Marvel has spunked out to increase profits had the internet  in uproar, which isn't surprising considering Captain America is a well-loved character and a role model for many. It's a dumb story arc, but no doubt it'll be good for business. 

For those who have been away for a whole, Steve Rogers has been a wrinkly old codger for a while, with Falcon taking up the mantle of Cap. Now All New All Different Marvel is here, Steve is back and apparently a fucking fascist. Good oh. 

Look, if they decide to tell a great story then fine, but this is another reason why I'm really turned off by the Big Two publishers at the moment. Valiant is able to consistently produce incredible comics without resorting to gimmicks, same with 2000ad, Image and many others. 

Thing is, ths won't last. Not at all. It's comics. Remember when Cap died. Remember when all fucking characters died? 

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