Saturday 10 December 2016

Gazetteer generator - random table

Extra, extra, read all about it! Or so the cliche's 1940s saying goes. In an era of fake news, why not create your own for your fantasy campaign gazette? Grab some dice and get rolling.

Newspaper titles (1d10) (feel free to insert a relevant location name into any of these)

1. The Blind Guardian
2. The Cursed Mirror
3. The Daily Black Star
4. The Far Rider Express
5. The Hammer
6. The Weekly Clover
7. The Merchant Times
8. The Owlbear
9. The Shining Herald
10. The Crown

Headline (1d20)

1. Murder! Gnome aristocrat found dead on his roof
2. Prince kidnapped by teleporting cloaked riders!
3. Councillor revealed to be demon from the netherplane
4. Rigged! Magic voter fraud in local by-election
5. Local man raised from dead - family says he's "different" now
6. Orc bandits steal priceless tiara from actress
7. Mystery shadows stalk the night! What do they want?
8. "Disembodied eyeballs" seen floating in the Loam Woods, says hunter
9. "The earth swallowed my mum" says girl, 7, as house disappears
10. Revolutionaries executed for crimes against the crown
11. Faceless woman opens world's first "Dark Circus"
12. Abandoned caravan found full of jade hands
13. Serial killer wizard escapes from custody
14. Angel reveals herself to priest, speaks of coming plague
15. Socialite found in basement eating butler's face - claims the Ivory One told her to
16. Residents ask where glowing blue monolith came from
17. Gob Tossing Cup: Brevvin's Beards beat the Mugskulls 7-3
18. Steel cavern discovered beneath pub
19. Gallery opening sends visitors into psychotic rage
20. Duke plans to "build great wall" to keep out Northlanders

Advertisement (1d10)

1. Miracle beard balm! Made by dwarves for YOUR face!
2. Visit Miss Miggins' Pie Shoppe - delicious treats filled with meats!
3. Do you suspect your husband is cheating? Hire Dex Dolton, investigative sorcerer
4. Scrolls scrolls scrolls! HUGE sale at Sentar's Scrolls during the 1000 year eclipse
5. Dragon-Be-Gone - special jewels keep dragons away from YOUR home. Works 100% of the time
6. Worried your baby might be from hell? Little Rascals Holy Water is for you!
7. Rat infestation in your basement? Send a letter to DELIVER-AN-ADVENTURER to get your pest problem under control
8. Gentleman's tincture - get your charisma back
9. Kobold on a Stick - delivered hot to your door
10. Love a prank? Come to the Cursed Item Emporium and make them SCREAM

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