Wednesday 7 December 2016

The great 2016 retrospective

It's that time of year once again where I take stock and look back at the achievements of the year. 2016 has been pure roadkill globally, but for Trollish Delver Games it's actually been the best year to date. Here's what's happened:


In January I had some weird inspiration and decided to publish a solo game about writing letters. Quill quickly became one of my bestselling games, rocketing in sales in the first week and staying in the top 100 games for most of the year. People seem to like it!

Quill: Love Letters

Naturally for Valentine's Day I released a new scenario book.

The Pulp Hack

No doubt the most influential game in the OSR this year was The Black Hack by David Black. Having want to create a pulp-based game for years, I saw a chance using these rules.

In Darkest Warrens

This was a bit of an experiment, attempting to create a full ruleset in just 2 pages. It worked better than I thought and there's a little community building itself around the game.

Magnificent Artefacts

A supplement for IDW full of magic items.

An Adventurer's Guide to Excavation and Plunder

More rules, races, classes and monsters for IDW.

Romance of the Perilous Land

This was my biggest project of the year. Combining my love of British folklore and roleplaying, RotPL is a new OSR ruleset with some unique mechanics. There are big things potentially happening with this, so watch this space.

All this and more behind the scenes have kept me insanely busy this year (I'm still getting through an email backlog).

Other cool stuff

Quill: Coal and Parchment

Derek Kamal released this fantastic supplement set in his Homes universe. See also: The Dig.

All the things by Jay Murphy

If I can name one person in the industry I'm super grateful for it's Jay. He's a USR machine, releasing USR Sword and Sorcery, Shrine of the Keepers, Western USR and Fear and Loathing USR this year. What a champ.

Next, I'll be talking about what I'm planning for 2017. What a time to be alive.

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