Wednesday 10 May 2017

1d4 henchmen (who aren't easy to work with)

1. Kruff Glipp, an ex cook from the borderlands of Yann, had a purple glass eye from a decade old scrap with a pike fish. He wears a cloak that twinkles light starlight in the night. He fears mules and will shriek at the sight of a horse, but otherwise he's as brave and hardy as they come. Kruff often writes to his true love, Marja, picking flowers on the trail to stuff in the envelope. His mother was part medusa (he doesn't realise), but there's a 1 in 20 chance whoever looks at his eyes suddenly becomes paralysed for 1d4 minutes. 

2. Viopa Tendershine, an elf whose forest home was decimated by the Thith disease, of which she was the sole survivor due to immunity. However, the disease changed her - on moonlit nights she becomes a spidery being that hunts night birds unless she manages to bury herself in the soil. The malady lasts for one hour before transforming back. It's gross.

3. Grim Brazengut, a sociopathic dwarf whose shield whispers calming words when he begins to rage. He keeps a lantern with a coiled glowing smoothsnake inside that casts 20ft of light, having spent so much time above ground that he can no longer see in the dark. He has no love for dwarf masonry, preferring​ human creations. 

4. Leeta Dunfarrow, a halfling kleptomaniac and anarchist. She despises authority and will only work with characters who have little to know renowned, as she equates fame to authority. Her raven Korrigan sits on her shoulder and barks at the clouds. These are weather portents - two crows for rain, three for a storm. She has trained Korrigan to steal gold. 

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