Thursday 11 May 2017

The Order of the Fisher King - Romance of the Perilous Land

The kingdom of The Fisher King is a crumbling wasteland - a grey husk of a body, reflecting the King's own condition. A severe leg wound from an enchanted spear carried by Mordred has caused him to become house bound, unable to move far. As his body withers, so does his castle and the lands around him.

The ailing monarch gathered his remaining Knights to for the Order of the Fisher King, a group that seeks to find the magical artefacts that could cure their King's leg and ensure his kingdom flourishes once more. These gallant few risk their lives travelling the Perilous Land, coming up against the foul agents of Mordred, the Sisters of Le Fey and untold creatures who horde such treasures.

The Order dress in scarlet garb, branded with their coat of arms: a fish with a crown. Their ranks are as follows:

Sir Brom
HD 8 (18)
Attacks: Longsword or short bow
Special: After hitting a target, Sir Brom may make a second attack against that or another adjacent target.

Sir Brom is a grizzled knight and the oldest of the order. A scar streaks down his left cheek, a wound from an encounter with Modred himself. His wife was killed by bandits eleven years ago and to this day he adorns his helm with a white rose in remembrance. Despite being an effective killer, Brom is a calm soul with a soft voice. In fact, he rarely speaks.

Lady Ellyn
HD 7 (17)
Attacks: Shortsword
Special: Lady Ellyn gains advantage on saving throws.

Lady 'Sword Dancer's Ellyn is one of the most brilliant Knights in the land. Her life has been harrowing - as a girl she was captured by a group of witches in the deep woods and kept prisoner, wasting away from lack of nourishment, save the odd rat tail or cricket. She eventually managed to slay the witches while they slept and escape the woods. Because of this, she is distrustful of new people and certainly can't abide witches (or witch adjacent).

Lady Isabel
HD 6 (16)
Attacks: Flail
Special: as an action, Lady Isabel may blow a horn causing targets within 30ft of her to make a Mind saving throw. If they fail, they have disadvantage on all attacks until the start of Lady Isabel's next turn.

Originally a priest (and hating every moment), Lady Isabel found her calling in serving her kingdom at war. Quickly rising through the ranks, she became feared on the battlefield. Mordred himself ordered his men to take her down, but none could. She is brash, loud and loves to curse.

Sir Gregory
HD 5 (15)
Attacks: Shortsword or long bow
Special: Rolls with advantage on ranged attacks.

Gregory the Hunter, as he is known in his kingdom, hides in the shadows, picking off his quarry with the bow his mother crafted. Gregory is one of the few people to come up against a Questing Beast and live to tell the tale - even managing to wound it. However, the encounter brings flashbacks to his mind so he has trouble sleeping and can be skittish in dark places. He is often the voice of reason in the group and is level-headed in the most dire situations.

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