Sunday 1 October 2017

Djinns of Tequendria

The Vunsa Mystics speak of the songs of the elders, songs of which were collected inside lamps with rosewater and whispers from dying sultans. Left for centuries the concoction grows sentience and becomes a djinn.

The People of Loz, desert nomads in the Cyresian Dunes are the current keepers of the sole djinn who now walks the world - Anthopon. The giant red humanoid acts as a defender and guide for the People of Loz, leading them through the desert in search of the Gates of Al Karthook, the entrance to the promised land where the gods play their harps and rivers run with sweet wine.

But Geeta of the Vunsa tells travellers of the azure lamp in which Zarta resides. This is supposedly buried away in the dreaded Theth, Realm of the God Spider. On Hlo-Hlo's mountain of treasures the azure lamp can be found. Only the most foolhardy thief would descend into the dark of Theth and choose to face the God Spider.

Djinns are technically demons - in that they are otherworldly spiritual beings. However this doesn't mean they are evil. Their disposition entirely depends on the kinds of song created it. They are intrinsically magical beings who will serve any who releases it from its prison for 500 years. If their master dies beforehand, the next in the bloodline becomes its master. After five centuries the djinn will become a free agent, doing what they will. There is no known free djinn.

Lvl 7
Type: Demon
Aggression level: Aware
Action: d10, Wits: d10, Ego: d8
Hits: 7d8
Attack: d10+3 (Sabre d8)
Defence: d10+3
Spells known: Enchant Weapon, Create Fire, Magic Shield

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