Sunday 15 October 2017

Nurg Vampire for Tequendria

The Nurg Vampires live in scarlet towers whose enchantments surround them in eternal night for miles around. They are dead, brought back from the grave by the Thin Sires, mottled bags of bone and sinew who weave black magics in blacker nights.

A Nurg Vampire is pale of complexion, red of eye and keen of sense. They wear refined fashions of silk and bone and their manners are impeccable. If a Nurg detects an iota of impoliteness in a person, they will swiftly slice their throat and drink upon their blood.

Each Nurg carries with it its life force contained within a Jewel of Sheth. Breaking the jewel through magical means is the only way to ensure a Nurg will remain dead. Even decapitation won't work.

Nurgs do not and cannot say the names of the gods. Should they attempt, blood pours forth from their mouths.

Nurgs can envelope themselves in darkness, even when it is light and move objects with their mind.

Lvl 6
Type: Undead
Aggression level: Aware
Action: d8, Wits: d8, Ego: d10
Hits: 6d8
Attack: d8+3 (Bite d6+1 or Throwing Knife d6+1)
Defence: d8+3
Spells known: Phantom Hand, Smokescreen

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