Wednesday 3 January 2018

Steal this setting: Stabbia - Kingdom of the Living Blade

The city of Stabbia is ruled by an intelligent bastard sword called Michael. He was once a human of royal bloodline until he was hexed by a sand crone who took umbrage with his family for the scorpion wars that decimated her homeland (his soldiers were humanoid scorpions).

Michael is married to a sentient dagger called Elsilon, found by the royal guard when plundering the Tombs of Spinewrath. She is a killer, but Michael doesn't know.

The towers of Stabbia whisper conspiracies to one another when the moon is full and the lunebats are abroad. Alcohol is outlawed, so an underground black market for wine and ale lurks in the city's crevaces. Much of the alcohol is controlled by sorcerer mobsters who are able to easily conceal their barrels with spells and defend them with fireballs.

The river rears vampire snakes who are in cahoots with the old men of the lagoon who drag children into the depths with great mirth.

In the springtime comes the great troll festival. Mr Gutsnall, a massive effigy of a legendary troll, is paraded through the city where children beat it with sticks to knock sugarplums from its mouth. At the end, Michael is jammed into the troll's head to a great cheer.

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