Saturday 7 April 2018

Blazing Sands campaign diary #5: Out of the frying pan

We last left our heroes standing outside the entrance to the lost city of Kabir. In this week's session, they entered what is essentially a merger of a city and the mountain. There were streets, courtyards and homes, but everything had become a part of the mountain.

Immediately they spotted several faceless creatures covered in whorl scars "feasting" on serpentfolk. A very quick combat encounter ensued with the shaman fireballing most of them.

They opened a stone door to see a courtyard full of these faceless stalkers, along with two huge hulking stalkers. Let's just say it got pretty hairy for the party until Younis cast Wall of Nausea on the bottleneck, causing some of the enemies to start throwing their guts up, falling to their hands and knees.

It was starting to become apparent that the legend of Kabir may have been only half the story.

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