Tuesday 10 April 2018

Magic item - The Tantalon crown

 In the second age of the serpent the sorcerer Tantalon stole the light of the stars and moon. First the elves mourned, for the moon provided them with the hope that even in the darkest of times light and goodness could exist. Then mourned the race of men, whose ancestors were among the stars, looking down on them from above. Using the stars as his furnace and the steel of the moon Tantalon forged a crown more magnificent and dire than any before it and he did declare himself the lord of shadows. And so the orcs, goblins and demons of the world rejoiced for the darkness gave them strength. Tantalon led his night hordes against the free people, his eye ever on extinguishing his final foe - the sun.

But there arose a group of heroes whose songs are still sung in the halls of queens. Gandarin of the bladesworn, Drigg the halfling, Selenda of the enchanted wood and Timra the stout of the gray dwarfhold marched against the darkness and smote Tantalon. In the fray his crown was lost and none know where it now is.

Tantalon Crown
Forged of starfire and moonstone
While wearing this crown, the wearer gains +4 AC. Once per day, the crown can be used to control 1d8 evil creatures for 1d10+2 hours. At the beginning of each turn heal 2d6 HP.

After 1 month of wearing the crown, the wearer's alignment takes a step towards evil. Each subsequent month continues this journey to evil. On the sixth month the wearer takes on the appearance and personality of Tantalon.

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