Thursday 30 August 2018

T&T micro-solo: Shadow of the Wytch

The Golden Barrow Inn is one of the most pleasant places you've rested at since leaving Gull three weeks ago. A cosy hearth roars under the stuffed head of a silver stag, a known rarity in the region of Devil's Mound where you have spent the last two nights. A timid elf call Quallex who you have exchanged several words with pulls up a seat as you tuck into your roast lamb and mint sauce.

"Sorry to disturb you, but I need your help," he says quietly. Your ears prick up. "It's my homestead, you see. There's a witch abroad." You take a swig of Gruglik's ale and raise an eyebrow. Quallex continues, "I'm looking to move out and unfortunately this magical hag is bringing down the value of my property just by existing. I need her gone." The elf slides a cloth pouch over to you. You too it out onto the table and count 50 gold pieces. "Fifty now and two hundred when you get rid of her." You can't say no to a deal like that. After all, it's just a crone with a newt eye fetish. Go to 1.

1. You're up first thing in the morning with a spring in your step. Quallex's home lies on the border of the Ravenblood Forest, named after famed hobb philanthropist Tuck Ravenblood. It's but an hour's walk away, but your elf friend warned that the local goblin family has been up to their old tricks again, so you should take care. Go to 5.

2. Just as you're about to put your foot down, you notice a crude rusted animal trap on the ground. Quickly pulling your foot away you realise the field is full of them. Upon closer inspection, the traps appear to be goblin made, as the words "hooman trappy" are scrawled onto the side in what appears to be mucus. Go to 6.

3. You seem to half remember overhearing that witches live in damp caves, so you set out in search of one. Soon you find just what you're after and enter. Unfortunately for you, you've just stumbled into a red ogre's den. You must fight it. It has MR26. If you survive, you discover an amulet of khaala, which offers an armour bonus of 2. Go to 4.

4. Soon you find a rickety hovel that reeks of gingerbread. Mustering your courage you kick down the door and enter. A wrinkled crone is bent over a bubbling cauldron. She looks at you and cackles. "Seems I have a visitor. Won't you stay for supper?" She suddenly launches at you. She is MR36 and when she rolls 2 sixes your next attack is reduced by 1 die due to a curse she weaves. If you win, you find a potion that raises your STR by 5 for 24 hours and a bottle of liquid that recovers 2d6 CON. Go to 11.

5. It's a pleasant day as you make your way over the Doomjaw Fields, named after legendary beauty queen Esmeralda Doomjaw. Make a level 1 DEX saving roll. If you succeed, go to 2. If you fail, go to 7.

6. You reach an inviting copse of trees whose serenity is marred by three goblins chucking rocks at each other. One is wearing a pan on its head while the other throw stones at it, making a 'ding' sound. Fight them - go to 10. Ignore them and continue - go to 8.

7. SNAP. A crude, rusted trap closes around your ankle. Take 3 CON damage. You should be more careful next time. Upon closer inspection, the trap appears to be goblin made, as the words "hooman trappy" are scrawled onto the side in what appears to be mucus. Go to 6.

8. These goblins aren't worth your time, so you decide to continue your journey. Go to 12.

9. Fortunately you have had some experience in tracking witches and know that the smell of gingerbread is always nearby. You begin to pick up a hint of gingerbread as you pass further into the forest. Go to 4.

10. Disgusting creatures. You charge them and show them what for. You are fighting three MR9 goblins. If you win you find 20gp and a 2d dagger, go to 12.

11. You return to the inn where you meet the elf. Handing over the witch's head, he smiles and gives you 250gp. Gain 300ap for completing this adventure.

12. Finally you reach the quaint elven homestead nestled near the forest. Now to look for signs of witches. Make a level 1 INT saving roll. If you are successful, go to 9. If you aren't, go to 3.

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