Thursday 16 August 2018

Elves of Scourgeworld - the Burnt Ones

Alabaster of flesh, warpaint streaked faces and teeth filed to points, the elves of the Scourgeworld are known in the common tongue as the burnt ones. Their skin is tattooed with the blood of the last goliath god, giving them enhanced strength.

Droog riders have tamed the red desert worm, forming a bond in their dreams. The lugsnapped are former droog riders whose minds became one with the droog, who imitate the slithering worm in all they do.

Elf speech is moontongue. It can be understood by all in the moonlight, aside from dwarves who cannot hear elf speech (they are deaf to it).

Elves do not get on with the Leth scarabmen. Chieftains often wear Leth carapace armour embroidered with desert jewels.

They worship the ever rotting hand of the last goliath, which is wrapped in carpet and pulled in a cart by two camels. The Hand Speaker delivers decrees from the scabby appendage. These are often of war and pillagery. They wear the veil of a thousand eyes and eat sand. There's a 70% chance the hand will heal all wounds.

Burnt One warrior
MR 24 (3+12)
Special damage: 2/Inked might - the burnt one rolls and extra 2d6 this combat.
Special abilities: Cateyes - can see in low light conditions.

Burnt One, Hand Speaker
MR 20 (3+10)
Special damage: 1/1 normal spite
Special abilities: If holding the hand of the last goliath, the Hand Speaker may heal 2d6 Con.

Burn One Warchief
MR 40 (5+20)
Special damage: 3/ Spear gore - the Warchief deals 1d6 spite damage and the opponent is thrown to the ground.
Special abilities: Cateyes - can see in low light conditions.

MR 62 (7+31)
Special damage: 3/ Swallow - the droog swallows whole a creature unless they succeed SR-30 on DX. Once inside, the victim is dissolved by its stomach acid, taking 2d6 Con damage every combat round. They may attempt to escape with a SR-30 STR or LK roll.
Special abilities: Bury - the droog can bury deep into the sand and move underground.

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