Saturday 18 January 2020

BX to Romance of the Perilous Land conversion guide

The general guts of Romance of the Perilous Land owe themselves a debt to my favourite edition of D&D - B/X. There are obvious differences between the two, but it's actually easy to run a B/X adventure with Romance of the Perilous Land rules if that's something you want to do, so here's a simple conversion guide.

Attributes: The equivalents of these are below:
- Strength - Might
- Intelligence - Mind
- Wisdom - Mind
- Dexterity - Reflex

Saving throws: Romance has saving throws for each attribute rather than the standalone throws of B/X. Covert these thusly:
- Death/Poison - Con
- Wands - Mind
- Paralysis/Petrify - Con if mundane, Mind if magical
- Breath Attacks - Reflex
- Spells, rods and staves - Depends on spell effects. Usually Mind, Reflex or Charisma.

Spells: Spell effects will be largely the same. Should a PC or NPC need to cast a BX spell, they must be of the same level and the spell point cost is double that level. E.g. A level 2 spell costs 4 spell points to prepare.

Monsters: This is largely simple. Just use the HD rules for monster creation in Romance instead of the B/X monster stats. You can include any special abilities. Minimum HD is 1 (so 1/2 is rounded up). Maximum is 11.

Armour: Just use the armour types in B/X and substitute AC for the relevant armour points. Anything that would offer a bonus 1 to AC gives 2 armour points.

Weapons: Similarly, just substitute the relevant weapon dice. There will be fairly similar anyway.

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